Thinking Beyond the Box

In Loving Memory of Ken Sims

GenPac: Over 30 Years of Loyal Customer Services

General PackagingGenPac is a full service packaging company that has been in business since 1982. During this time, GenPac has been more than just a packaging distributor. We have helped our customers develop better ways to package their products and be more efficient in doing so. Over the years, GenPac has earned the trust of our customers, because they know they will receive quality products, at the best available pricing, with delivery service that is second to none.

In the beginning, GenPac only had one location to service our customers but with growth and the need to better serve our customer we have opened two additional locations. Our main office is located in Jackson, Tennessee. In 1992 we opened a distribution center in Tupelo, Mississippi and in 2007 a warehouse facility was opened in Oakland, Tennessee. With this coverage we are able to offer same day delivery when needed to the customers we serve.

GenPac’s slogan is “large enough to meet your needs, small enough to be personal”. Our goal with our customer is to develop that kind of relationship. At GenPac we believe our customers are the most important people in our business. The customer is the purpose of our work. Our sales team and staff are willing and able to meet the needs of your company. Allow us the opportunity to start developing this kind of relationship with your company. Let us show you what we have to offer. We will not let you down!